Hi, I'm an IT consultant and hacktivist.

In my day-to-day work I use containerization, microservices and Java Spring (when it goes well) and Java6 + IBM WebSphere Tech (when it doesn't).

I'm an enthusiast GNU/Linux sysadmin, installing oVirt in my office for VDI (plus FreeIPA and other cool stuff) was my biggest achievement.

I bought this VPS because I wanted control over my websites and my old shared hosting provider kept raising the price, so here I am.

In the workplace I have an average issue resolution time of 15 minutes :-)


Github Stuff

This is a list of fun or usefull stuff I did on Github:


Old Gamedev Team

On this site you can find the old site of my gamedev team. There is a lot of embarassing Rpg Maker 2000 stuff for the italian speakers and a cool but simple Unity3d running game.


I'll write the email address when I'll find a way to avoid it been scraped by spam bots.

It's not hard to figure it out, just the domain without extension at fulldomain.

You can also reach me through my personal Pleroma instance in the fediverse.

My user is @grimstack@asocial.grimstack.xyz, also avaible as Tor hidden service: asocialg4sf63nf6zhwskdge73lzl5uv4ysz6enrxfvanixdzfisfuqd.onion/grimstack

Made with <3 and boredom during the COVID lockdown using




Based on terminal.css


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